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Me llamo Gontxu, nací en San Sebastián y desde hace años dedico mi vida a enseñar esta región de una manera divertida combinando 3 elementos que abundan en el País Vasco: cultura, naturaleza y gastronomía.
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Pasajes de San Juan is one of the highlights of your visit to San Sebastian.

It is a medival town, with the esence of the typical Basque fisherment towns.

It really has all the ingredients that make worth a visit:

Great food in any of its restaurants, a long street full of history and an spectacular nature with the possibility to see a real fiord.

Victor Hugo wrote about Pasajes: "Pasaia is a little flaring eden...famous if it would be located in Italy". 

Great Views from Mollarri (Zarauz)

Great Views from Mollarri (Zarauz)

From the hill of Talaimendi in Zarauz we can enjoy marvelous views and visit the old loading port of Mollarri, operating between 1906 and 1923. The iron coming from the mines of Asteasu was transported 11 km in wagons along an aerial tramway and it was shipped here to England. Now a days, after its reconstruction still offers a unique glimpse of its industrial past. 

El valle de los colores (coloured valley)

El valle de los colores (coloured valley)

This landscape was created millions of years ago when the sediments piled in the bottom of the sea emerged at the Pyrinees creation. The iron filtered in the beautiful sandstones of Larrabetxu valley (Jaizkibel mountain) show us its espectacular colours.

Camino de Santiago (The Way)

Camino de Santiago (The Way)

This is a picture taken in The Way (el camino de Santiago) in the beautiful town of Pasajes de San Juan. Here the walker can relax admiring the medival architecture and the wonderful landscape, because it is located in an amazing fiord.

The Flysch of Zumaia

The Flysch of Zumaia

This is the flysch of Zumaia on a picture taken from the top of the cliff over the Itzurun Beach.

Here, in the picture Linda and Jo from the Netherlands, are posing in this well-known landscape from the Basque Country.

A landscape that has already been chosen by several film makers. It was in Game of Thrones and also in the famous Spanish comedy "8 apellidos vascos".

But this is only a little piece of what these cliffs can offer you because they are also a Geological treasure.

The vertical layers that compose these walls are like pages of a book where scientists can read 60 millions of the history of the earth.

This fantastic landscape hides many secrets to be discovered by anyone that visits the beautiful town of Zumaia.


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